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Defending Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Claims

Scarfone & Geen, P.C. is a nationally recognized civil defense firm that represents insurance companies and self-insured enterprises in a broad range of civil litigation matters.  Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully defend insurance companies dealing with bad faith and extra-contractual claims arising under automobile, homeowners, general liability and other insurance policies.  We recognize that these allegations can be very costly and disruptive for an organization and we aim to have bad faith and extra-contractual claims dismissed as early on as possible in the litigation process.

When a policyholder alleges that an insurance company has denied a claim in bad faith, our attorneys take quick action to thoroughly investigate the allegation.  We provide our clients with a detailed assessment of the risks associated with the claim and we work closely with them to effectively manage the situation and all discovery requests. Our lawyers are very familiar with the extensive and intrusive deposition and document requests that opposing counsel so often try to demand of insurance companies in these types of claims.  We know that these activities can create tremendous pressure, confusion and worry throughout an organization and we take a hands-on approach to help our clients respond to and control these types of requests.

The attorneys Scarfone & Geen, P.C. understand just how much is at stake when an insurer is facing a bad faith claim.  Our lawyers aim to develop legal approaches that best protect our clients’ businesses and reputations and we make sure that our clients have the information they need to make the right decisions for their organizations.  We are a team of skilled litigators who are well-positioned to defend these claims before a judge or jury when it is in the best interests of our clients to do so.  Our attorneys try cases in federal and state courts throughout the State of Michigan and we have represented clients before both the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court.

Focused On the Needs of Our Clients

At Scarfone & Geen our attorneys have decades of experience working with companies and institutions throughout the insurance industry.  Our extensive understanding of the both the law and industry operations and procedures has allowed our firm to successfully defend clients in a broad range of insurance coverage and policy disputes.  In every matter that we take on we are focused on serving the individual needs and objectives of our clients.  We strive to develop strong relationships with our clients and we work one on one with them to develop legal strategies and approaches that best limit their potential exposure and liability.  

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Scarfone & Geen, P.C. advises and represents insurers, self-insured enterprises and corporations in Michigan and across the nation.  If you have questions about the legal services offered at our firm or are in need of legal representation in connection with a bad faith or extra-contractual claim, schedule a consultation with the Detroit lawyers at our firm by calling 248-291-6184.