First Party No-Fault Insurance

Experienced First Party No-Fault Insurance Defense

Scarfone & Geen, P.C. provides comprehensive representation to insurance companies and self-insured corporations in first party no-fault insurance cases.  With more than 25 years of experience defending claims under Michigan’s no-fault insurance statute, our firm is widely recognized as the gold standard in the insurance industry for delivering skilled advice and exceptional legal representation from case inception through trial and appeal.  Whether an automobile accident case is complex or routine, our legal team is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality defense in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Aggressively Defending First Party No-Fault Insurance Claims

The attorneys at Scarfone & Geen, P.C. defend hundreds of no-fault automobile accident claims each year. We are an aggressive team of trial attorneys who are focused on getting optimal results for our clients.  Our firm handles a full range of no-fault litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Coverage Issues
  • Reasonable and Necessary Medical Treatment Issues
  • Medical Management Issues
  • Medical Provider Issues
  • Scope of Chiropractic Issues
  • Fraudulent Claims

At Scarfone & Geen, P.C. we understand the tremendous challenges and difficulties that Michigan’s no-fault insurance law presents for the insurance industry.  While these laws may have been enacted with the goal of protecting victims hurt in automobile accidents, they have created a system whereby plaintiffs and their attorneys are recovering extraordinary sums of money in cases involving false and manufactured accident claims. While the vast majority of no-fault cases in the state of Michigan are non-meritorious, these cases can cost insurance carriers millions of dollars in unjustified payments.  

At the Forefront of Insurance Defense

The attorneys at Scarfone & Geen, P.C. are at the forefront of advising and representing clients on first party no-fault insurance claims.  Since our formation in 1990, our firm has been instrumental in reducing our clients’ exposure in first party no-fault insurance claims by millions of dollars.  We take a proactive approach to insurance defense, regularly counseling insurance carriers and corporations on how to detect and best protect themselves from no-fault insurance fraud and schemes.  

When solicited or manufactured no-fault claims do arise, our attorneys are well-positioned to vigorously defend these claims at all stages of the litigation process.  We are a skilled group of professionals who work side by side with our clients to fully analyze and assess the evidence so that we can present a winning case in court.  We also consult with a trusted network of experienced medical experts, accident damage analysis experts, investigators and other professionals to assist us in evaluating and litigating complex no-fault claims. Our firm’s experience and dedication has helped us to generate a strong track record of success for our clients.  Each and every year our lawyers defend hundreds of no-fault claims and obtain dozens of dismissals through both dispositive motions and verdicts of no-cause actions following trial. 

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