Fraudulent Claims

Insurance Defense - Fraudulent Claims

Scarfone & Geen, P.C. is a recognized leader in pursuing fraudulent claims brought against insurance carriers and self-insured enterprises throughout the state of Michigan.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in preventing, detecting and defending false and fraudulent claims with a particular emphasis on automobile and homeowner policy cases. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that fraudulent insurance claims in the U.S. involve more than $40 billion per year and cost consumers between $400 and $700 in increased annual premiums.  At Scarfone & Geen, P.C. we recognize just how big of a problem insurance fraud is.  We are very familiar with the tactics policyholders use to commit insurance fraud and our lawyers are prepared to take all steps necessary to protect our clients from manufactured claims and other types of insurance fraud schemes.

Aggressively Defending Against Fraudulent Claims

The legal team at Scarfone & Geen, P.C. works directly with clients to identify, investigate and analyze fraudulent and non-meritorious insurance claims.  These fraudulent claims include:

  • False claims of stolen vehicles
  • False claims of homeowner property theft
  • Staged automobile accidents
  • Arson
  • Manufactured or inflated injuries in accidents
  • Manufactured or inflated medical claims
  • Cases involving fraud pursuant to indicators published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau

When a client suspects that fraud may be a factor in a case, our firm becomes actively involved in the claims investigation process.  We have conducted thousands of examinations under oath of claimants, producing detailed and comprehensive coverage opinions and reports for our clients.  If a claim involves a staged automobile accident, we will call upon our network of engineers to conduct an accident damage analysis of the vehicle which can be used at trial to prove that the vehicle’s damage is inconsistent with the type of accident that was reported.   Our attorneys also work with medical experts to investigate and uncover manufactured and inflated injuries as well as questionable diagnostic tests and medical procedures.

The insurance fraud attorneys at our firm are well known for their ability to achieve winning results in the courtroom.  When a case cannot be properly settled, our lawyers are prepared to aggressively litigate the claim before a judge or jury when it is in the best interests of our clients to do so. Our in-depth understanding of insurance law combined with our extensive experience in handling fraudulent claims, often results in dismissals with prejudice through dispositive motions and no-cause verdicts following trial.

Cutting Edge Michigan Law Firm

The attorneys at Scarfone and Geen, P.C. have been at the forefront of insurance fraud cases for nearly thirty years.  We develop long-standing partnerships with our clients and we keep our clients apprised of important developments and changes in the laws impacting the insurance industry.  Our attorneys are also actively involved with bar association and other leaders throughout the legal community to develop and promote new laws and regulations aimed at preventing and combatting costly insurance fraud schemes.

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