Insurance Defense

Detroit Lawyers Handling a Diverse Range of Insurance Defense Matters

Scarfone & Geen P.C. is committed to providing superior counsel and representation to insurance carriers including Fortune 500 companies and self-insured enterprises throughout the state of Michigan.  The attorneys at our firm have more than 272 years of combined practice experience and are widely recognized throughout the insurance industry for their exceptional trial and litigation skills.  

The insurance defense practice at Scarfone & Geen, P.C offers comprehensive services to clients involved in both complex and routine insurance disputes.  Our lawyers have extensive experience analyzing claims and litigating cases across a wide range of policy types, including automobile, homeowners, property and casualty and general commercial policies.  The scope of our practice is broad and includes:

Delivering the Highest Quality Services in a Cost-Effective Manner

At Scarfone & Geen, P.C. we are dedicated to meeting the needs and objectives of clients operating throughout the insurance industry.  Our firm’s commitment to quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness drives everything that we do.  We understand the unique challenges and demands that our clients are facing and we are committed to achieving the best outcome possible in each case that we take on.  Our lawyers work closely with insurance carriers, corporations and self-insured entities to thoroughly investigate and evaluate insurance disputes.  We provide timely and realistic assessments to our clients and assist them in clarifying coverage issues and rendering appropriate coverage decisions. 

When a coverage issue or dispute calls for litigation, the attorneys at Scarfone & Geen, P.C. are fully prepared to take the case to court.  We are an aggressive team of trial attorneys who have the skills and resources necessary to successfully defend a case through trial and all levels of appeal in both state and federal courts.  When our team litigates a case we keep our clients fully informed at all stages of the process, working side by side with them to develop winning case strategies and approaches.

Helping Clients to Avoid Potential Liability and Exposure

The attorneys at Scarfone & Geen, P.C. are well known throughout the insurance industry for their innovative and forward-thinking approach to the law.  We are routinely called upon to review and analyze insurance policies and institutional procedures to help clients in Michigan and across the nation decrease their potential liability and exposure.  Our attorneys also monitor important trends and developments in insurance law that may impact our clients’ operations and often lecture and present at industry seminars and programs.

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