Attorney Stephen Madej Obtains Dismissal of MRI Charges Pursuant to MCL 500.3105

March 30, 2018 | Category: Articles

Attorney Stephen Madej recently obtained dismissal of of $24,500.00 in MRI charges.  The injured party testified at her Examination Under Oath that she did not sustain injuries or complain of injuries to her treating physician for her neck, shoulders, and knees.  In a medical provider suit filed by the MRI provider, Mr. Madej filed a Motion for Partial Summary Disposition seeking dismissal of MRIs performed on the cervical spine, left shoulder, right knee and left knee.  Mr. Madej successfully argued that Plaintiff failed to produce any affidavits or testimony from the ordering physician that the MRIs arose out of the motor vehicle accident as required by MCL 500.3105.  As a result, the Court dismissed $24,500.00 in submitted no-fault benefits.